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Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

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    Sponge Painting

    • Apply sponge painting on your bathroom walls to add depth and texture. First, paint two coats of base color on the walls. Mix a complementary color with glaze, then pour some on a paper plate. Dip a sea sponge in the mixture, then remove excess paint before sponging the wall. Start from the upper corner of the wall going downwards then moving to the opposite corner.


    • There are plenty of stencils available from craft and home improvement stores. Choices range from scroll designs to animals, flowers, letters and anything in between. Make your own stencil if you cannot find a ready-made design you like. With stenciling, you do not have to worry about not being "artistic" enough because all you have to do is apply paint using a stenciling brush or sponge on the stencils.

      Attach the stencils to the wall with blue painter's tape to keep them in place while stenciling. Make sure to wipe off excess paint from your sponge or stencil brush so that the paint will not smear underneath the stencil, which can ruin the image. Use a combination of stippling and circular motion instead of up-and-down motion to avoid smearing. Apply different shades by layering colors to add dimensions to your design. Avoid mistakes by practicing the stenciling technique on a cardboard.


    • Create murals to decorate your bathroom walls. Draw your scenery freehand or use layers of stencils and combine with freehand styles to make it easier to complete a mural with different images. Use a projector to copy images onto the walls to minimize mistakes. To make murals more interesting, apply them on all four sides of your walls as well as the ceilings.

    Other options

    • Decorate bathroom walls using wallpaper borders, wallpaper, artwork (including paintings, mirrors and other pieces of art). Apply a Venetian plaster to give your walls sheen. Use gold or silver leaf to add luster to your walls. Add chair rails and shadow boxes to give more depth to your walls. Upholster your walls using fabric and embellish with buttons and tassels. Use crunched strips of gift tissue papers and decoupage them on the walls to add more interest.

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