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University of Toledo Online Patient Advocacy Graduate Certificate Program

Students in the online patient advocate certificate program at the University of Toledo come from a variety of health care and social services backgrounds. The patient advocate program allows graduates to work in a variety of settings as a liaison between patients, administration, insurance companie



Herbs That Increase Metabolism - Boost Your Body Naturally

Increasing your metabolism increases the amount of weight you lose. As we age, our metabolism tends to slow down, particularly in women. Aerobic exercise will increase your metabolism as will many herbs that are available at your health food store. To help decipher which one does what, use this list ()


Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

There are multiple techniques you can employ to decorate a bathroom wall. Often, homeowners experiment with new painting techniques on their bathroom walls before applying the technique on other walls in the house. This is because a bathroom is small enough that they can easily correct any mistakes ()




Different Kinds of Collars for Dogs

Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures. They may not have a superior brain as compared to the human beings such as us but one cannot negate the keenness and sharpness with which they learn everything that they are taught. That is the main reason why people domesticate dogs and why they make such g ()


How to Expand the Cache in IE8

When you browse the Internet, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) stores visited Web pages as cache. Cache consists of images, pages, and other files displayed by the websites you have visited. Saved cache allows you to launch the same Web pages again quickly. If you want IE8 to save more Web pages to make br ()


Single Female Travel to Destinations Once Considered Only by Romantic Couples

If you're a single female who loves to travel but has always left the perceived "romantic" spots off your itinerary because you've been waiting to share them with someone special, there's no time like the present to dive right in and explore all those beautiful locations on ()